Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Pictures

We went and got our Easter pictures done today. I like that Elisabeth was born in June, so her 6 mo. pics were Christmas-ey, and 9 mo can be Easter- and june is summer time!!

We've had to put E on some medication because of some intestinal issues and she has been a disaster since Tuesday. We've gone through a lot of clothes, and she hasn't been feeling well. Despite that though, I'm quite pleased with how the pictures turned out.

I wish I could have bought them all, but they don't let you do multiple pictures on the same sheet. So I had to stick to ones I really liked. Here's some of them :)

Oh Chocolate? I like chocolate!

I like it A LOT!!!!!

MAAAAMMM Why'd you take my candy away!!!!! (this is my favorite!!)

My fav. family pic- it is too big for my scanner so it go cropped a bit, but it still looks good

twinkle toes

Apparently if you suck on your lips, you don't drool. hahaha

This one wasn't planned, we were just trying to get her to smile- absolutely adorable though

I sure love my itty bitty family :)


Amie said...

SO cute. I love the crying one - especially the chocolate residue around her face. What a nugget!

Brammer Family said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

All adorable!!!!!!!

Evie Wonder said...

She is adorable! (Like I've said a thousand times)