Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Week After Spring Break

Is it just me, or is it harder to get back into a routine after a short amount of time off than a large amount of time? I am just exhausted this week. I have some valid reasons why, but definitely way more tired than I feel I should be. After all, I am Supermom, right?!

What's this you ask? Well my friends, it's my welt. I really have two of them. I had a difficult time getting the lighting right, and this really doesn't even do it justice- the colors are so much more vibrant in person. I started with a new physical therapist since my last one didn't work very well, and we're trying some (obviously) aggressive treatments to get my ITBS fixed. Keep your fingers crossed for me. It hurt, but I kept thinking, at least it isn't post-child birth pain! I'll take it!

I think most of these pics were during Spring Break, but they're cute anyway.

Playing with glasses- I was amazed she kept them on long enough to get ONE picture!

Playing in the sink. I have a bad habit of putting her on the counter top while I do things. I had her on the other side, had turned on the water to clean up some stuff and she was practically bent over so she could see the water around me. So, being the cool mom I am, I just pulled off her pants and let her play and splash. She rinsed off the counter with her splashes, and I even let her have a bubble back in the sink after I cleaned it out. What a goof!

Beads, her new favorite toy

chillaxin, watching some Tyra. I put her sitting up in the middle- she likes to rock herself (not very efficient, but fun to watch)- once she was done, she wiggled herself into the corner and watched for like 5 minutes. I had a good time watching her entertain me!

This is what happens when Mommy gets desperate and says as long as you eat, I don't care what kind of mess you make! (once again, on the counter. haha)

I think that if her first steps don't involve figuring out how to get herself into the bathtub, I'll think something is wrong with her. I love my water baby!

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