Friday, April 16, 2010

Holy Smokes!

I've kept Elisabeth not just alive, but happy and thriving for 301 days! Who knew?!

Today, our regular babysitter took the day off (no flaky stuff- we had a good 1.5 month warning), but being an anal retentive easy going person, I did stress and become anxious over the fact that my darling cupcake was going somewhere else. I knew she would be fine, the lady I had her with is a friend and we get along fine. It's just not our normal routine and if something isn't routine it throws me off.

Anyway, things went well, no complaints or anything. The lady has an (almost) 8 month old and two other kiddos. The 8 month old - A - and Ellie played a lot together. One would grab a toy, the other would want it, take it, and then they'd go back and forth like that for a while! E taught A how to clap- which I think is darling! And I don't know if it's coincidence, but I'd like to pretend it isn't, but the other little girl taught E how to flop forward onto her hands to grab stuff in front of her!

As I was explaining how the other little girl could do this, and how incredible it was, Elisabeth did it on our bed. We both just stared at her like....whoa! hahaha

E also showed me she's capable of rolling not just from her back to her tummy toward her left side, but she can do it on her right now, too. So two developmental milestones in 2 days! Who would have thought from the perfectly content observer?!

Anyway, there's only 8 more weeks of school (YES!) and I have about 1/3 of my garden dirt dug out so I can put in some soil...hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow-I jacked up my shoulder while I was sleeping last night, so I couldn't finish today.

Oh, and good news on the knee- I ran for a whopping 2 minutes on Wednesday and all went well- the Graston Technique seems to be doing it's job - huzzah!

Smiles for the camera have been in short supply lately- I'm glad I got this one!

You can't see it super well, but she had teething biscuit ALL over her mouth+cheeks. She needed to nap, but I wanted to finish up church, so I pulled out the cracker so we could make it worked :) Too bad that stuff is like cement once it dries!

It has been a beautiful week!!!


Oh hai!

She used to be sitting in the middle of her blankets and had slyly moved herself closer and closer to the tomatoes---she made it a few times!

Daddy loving his baby

I love when she takes hats off, and she does this with toys too- she'll try to put them on her head, let go and they'll fall behind her- I think she enjoys it. I also laugh at her shirt- it doesn't fit!

mmmm nom nom nom!

This is the routine when we get home lately cause I get home from physical therapy and feel like my bladder is going to burst- so she gets set down so I can use the bathroom! So content! (I then pick her up and hold her just in case you're curious :) )

So that's about all that's been going on. E has officially grown out of her 12 month pj's---her toes curl at the bottoms!! She's growing like a weed, but I love every millimeter of her!


Michele said...

Dood - Am I the one showing up from American Fork in your feed? What's up with that??

Michele said...

She is just so cute. I wish you lived her so I could give her loves all the time. I can see the biscuit on her nose in the church one hehehe

Maddy said...

I think you should live snow....

I think it's more about where your internet is coming from than your actual city. I've seen mine come up as Astoria sometimes, which is 3 hours away!