Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tomato Epiphany

I've wanted to post this for a couple of days now and just haven't had the time to do so. Monday I had PT and E has been all weird and stayed up til 9pm- that's my bed time, so we went to bed at the same time.

Tuesday I had to go buy new running shoes + inserts since I got the go ahead to slowly start running again (starting wednesday's test)

So then today, I had PT, got to run for a whopping 2 minutes, but it didn't hurt at all- I was so excited I wanted to go running afterward but was told no, no, no. Soon!!

So anyway, back to my point--

I traded "jobs" with my teaching assistant and I'm letting her get some experience doing reading groups, and I've taken over the writing table...which I secretly love cause I can correct papers and yell at kids and still get kids to write, whereas at the reading table, that is my focus, I can't do anything else. Anyway, I was sitting there, listening to her talking to the kids about the tomato book they were reading. I heard her say, "So can a beefsteak tomato ever be a roma tomato?" and the kids all chimed in and said no. She asked, "why not?" and they said, "cause it's a different tomato, it's not the same." and she said, "Right! They come from different seeds, they will never be the same."

I was admiring how succinct and clear she made her statements and it's like the heavens opened and you hear the angles going auuuuhhhhhhhh with a giant lightbulb going on over my head. I had an epiphany! This is what I thought:

I will NEVER be a Roma Tomato! Ever! I am a Beefsteak Tomato and I should be OK with that! That is the seed I was planted with, and that is the seed I will die with. I will lose this extra baggage that plopped on while pregnant, but after that, whatever happens, happens. I like being active, but I also know that unless I exercise over 2 hours a day and eat next to nothing, there's no way I'm going to lose any more weight....and right now in my life, my family, and my daughter are more important than being a gym rat right now.

I do think I'm going to go renew my gym membership since I found a coworker to go to Zumba with, and I like having different exercise equipment (that I can most likely use in the next couple weeks again- hooray!)- and during the summer, I can plop E down with the other kids to get some socializing in while mama does her business since she seems to get bored with me after a few days. I think it'll be a good thing. I'm excited.

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Michele said...

I think this is one of the greatest discoveries you have ever made. I agree with it! I like beefsteak tomatoes. They taste good. I think I am going to plant some this year.
I like it when you do other things then you can text/twitter with me.