Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Sunshine

I thought you'd enjoy some pictures, cause I always do...

Before.... (34 days old)- I feel sad she's crying, and I know why she was crying but it was just so gosh darn cute!

After! (310 Days Old)

Where did my baby go?

She's learned to throw things over the edge and get on her knees to inspect her handy work.

Peek-A-Boo! Bathy Time Style!

Love these smiles

And these...

And always these!

cute bebe

Eating the cookie dough- she didn't get sick btw, and the eggs weren't even pasteurized!

This week has been a difficult one for me emotionally and spiritually. I have some questions that I need answers to, and I'm afraid of the outcome. I need to be at peace with my decisions and I don't know if it's going to come easily, and that scares me. I have spent the greater part of my last ~12 years meticulously planning out my life, and to not have everything fit in it's little puzzle piece exactly the way I planned is difficult for me to accept. Here's hoping for the best.

In other family news, E has figured out how to pull herself up in the tub- only once, but she can do it. I honestly and truly feel that she's afraid of getting hurt. She was standing at the coffee table today (Drew was behind her) and she fell backward. She didn't bend at her hips and just went straight back into Drew's arms- not getting hurt or anything. But the sheer *thought* that she COULD have fallen and hit her head freaked her out so badly that she cried uncontrollably for a good minute. I felt horrible for her. She also has decided cookies are worth staking her comfort on. She really tried SO hard to get on those cute little hands and knees to get a cookie I put on the floor. She also did a couple step cruise along the coffee table to grab a piece. She got them all, but man did it stress her out. She just tenses up, and just freaks out. I really feel there's some doubt going on that she can't do it and/or fear that she's going to hurt herself which is prohibiting her from doing much. She bawls if she lands on her bum after standing even, and I guess I don't know how to change that other than reassure her that she's OK and redirect her. Any suggestions? I know she'll get it eventually, but in reality, I know she's strong enough, something just isn't clicking.

With Drew- he just bought a couch for his office. He's pretty excited about it. He's also looking at trophies for the office so that when someone wins their trial, they get to have this roaming trophy as their bragging rights of sorts. I think it's a fun idea.

That's about it for us. I went to OMSI today with the kids which was fun. I wish it had been longer though!


Michele said...

maybe E needs to be left to fall more often so she sees that it isn't a big deal...just a thought

Michele said...

I need a good summer photo of the squishy for my background now that easter is over. Could you please provide me with one? Thanks

Lynda said...

JR does the same thing when it comes to falling. He can basically walk, but he seems so afraid of falling. If he falls at all he starts bawling, as if its the end of the world, and I know he is not hurt. We just try to tell him its okay and that he just needs to try again, but I think it is part of the age. I'm sure its just a matter of confidence and eventually they will get it. This is also the age when they start realizing the world is a bigger place and more things start freaking them out. Recently JR has started to be afraid of the vacuum.

Love all the cute pics.

Lynda said...

Haha, after I sent the comment, I realized I put JR instead of AJ. JR can walk just fine, hehe. AJ has started to really walk now, why do they have to grow up so fast.

Maddy said...

I knew who you meant, and I giggled cause I thought I'd do the EXACT same thing. hehehe

Tamara said...

So... somehow I'd missed this post before, and you're so sneaky to put the deep thoughts in almost at the bottom where, if you're skimming, you might almost miss it. I feel for ya... it sucks when God doesn't make things go the way we want them to go. Dang it! What is UP with that. Whatever is pressing on your mind and heart and spirit, I hope you get answers soon. The not knowing part I swear is the hardest. Please feel free to call and vent. Always helps me. Anyway, life can't be too bad cuz you have a super cute squishy plus I love you! :) xoxoxoxo!!