Thursday, April 8, 2010

I like random shizz

I like meaningless surveys where you learn a lot about me. hahaha

Top 5 Desserts:
1. After School cake from Konditorei - it's similar to the one you make mom w/the choco chip frosting...
2. Flower cookies from Backer's Bakery
3. Oatmeal cookie dough
4. Chocolate chip cookie dough
5. Roll out cookies with frosting and sugar sprinkles

Top 5 Pet Peeves:
1. Not thinking of others
2. Inconsistency
3. Not brushing your teeth
4. People doing those fake smiles
5. uhm...when I ask someone to do something and they don't do it *now*

Top 5 Trivial Things I like to do:
1. digital scrapbook- I got some stuff over xmas and I absolutely adore it- it's all the fun stuff without the clutter
2. make baby noises lol
3. Chew gum
4. Pick at my nails when I'm waiting for people i.e. at the doctors office, etc.
5. complain.

Top 5 Quirks:
1. My classroom is a mess, but I get upset when kids leave stuff on the floor by their desks
2. I have to floss, brush, rinse and fluoride my teeth every night before bed, or else I can't sleep
3. I think of the worst case scenario in most events- the way I think about it is better to be prepared than be unprepared when something terrible happens
4. I have to clean E's ears every night after her bath. I feel embarrassed for people who's children have dirty ears. I also have her brush her two teeth 2ce a day. LOL
5. I use to have to fall asleep while on my stomach, but after I got pregnant and I haven't been able to for 16+ months, I can't do it anymore.

Top 5 places I'd like to visit:
1. Italy- kind of more of a European tour, but I think we'll start in Italy
2. British Isles
3. Australia - the east side primarily
4. Brazil - Sao Paolo and the Amazon- maybe a few different trips?
5. Any of the African countries where we can do a safari

That was fun, wasn't it?

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