Sunday, March 14, 2010


Many, many years ago, Drew and I went to a TMBG concert at Kingsbury Hall and an unknown band was opening for them called OKGo. To our surprise, they were way better than They Might Be Giants (at least I think so, Drew says otherwise)...anyway...I really enjoyed them and found as much of their music online as I could. They haven't put out many albums and a lot of their really good stuff can't even be found now since it never made it to cds. They've put out a new music video that I thought I'd share with you cause it's so stinkin clever. Their choreography is always so original and entertaining. It's nice to watch a music video for entertainment purposes rather than how scantily dressed the women are.

Thank you OKGO for your awesomeness!


Lynda said...

I remember that concert. OKGO is great but I agree with Drew, TMBG is still better. Have you seen the video of this song they do with the marching band? JR makes us watch that over and over again. Almost every day he says "I want to watch the marching band". Once I have it up on my computer he knows how to make it restart after it is over. So he watches it again and again.

Monica said...

Hey, we were at that show too. How dare you say OKGO is better than TMBG! Blasphemy, I say!
:) (They are really good, though.) The boys just love that video--they just made me play it for them 5 times in a row. :)