Saturday, October 4, 2008


Well, I totally jacked up my profile. I went to change the background, apparently did it in the wrong place, and had to redo all my side gadgets. Which is fine, but time consuming. If I've forgotten someone, I'm sorry, just let me know, or I'll figure it out eventually. If you'd like me to add you, let me know as well.

I did find some cool side gadgets to put on since I hadn't looked through those in a little while. I sure hope my template won't get messed up again when I change it in a month. I guess it'll be a sad day if it does. I might not do as much to fix it. I'm not happy with it right now, but all my pictures are on my external harddrive on the end table, and I don't feel like going to get it, looking through the files to find the right ones, and posting them. So this is going to do.

I went to a bridal shower today. It was thoroughly entertaining. I'm awaiting the pictures I took on Rachael's camera to post them. I was too lazy to pull out my own camera. I have a couple, but once again, the camera isn't right by me, so I'm not going to upload them onto the computer yet.

I'm excited for my Salvador Dali daily postings. I love that guy


Shel and Rick said...

I watched Labyrinth yesterday! Maybe the Goblin King will take away your Devil Kitty

Maddy and Drew said...

Hot diggity!

Jim said...

Carrie wants some help making her blog look better. Maybe you can help her.