Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bats, Physical Therapy and Dune

I just spent an hour on PowerPoint making the most awesome BAT powerpoint the world has EVER seen. I went to add pictures, and it CRASHED!!! I hadn't saved it at all. What was I thinking! I am the master of saving things, and then, the ONE time, I don't save, it crashes. Why did it crash?!!? GAH! Guess I know what I'm going to be doing during Conference on SUNDAY!

I went to physical therapy today. The physical therapist says I have tendonitis throughout my right thigh, and bursitis in my hip. I apparently have a lot to work on. The PT said that my arch collapses when I run, and showed me how it does it, which was kind of amazing how easily he was able to show me- pretty cool stuff. So he proceeded to deep tissue massage it, ice it, and stretch it. I'm all bruised up now because of my anemia, and my leg is killing me.

I asked him what exercise I can do since I can't run. He said I can try biking, but that it'll probably hurt. He said I CANNOT rollerblade. He said I can swim, as long as it doesn't hurt- but swimming is so expensive. I'm going to look into it though since I got my raise. I just feel so out of my element. I'm always walking or running. What am I going to do without it?

Funny thing though, while I was there, I found out that one of the mom's of the kids at school works there. I ended up talking to her for 15 minutes, and as I'm leaving, another teacher in the building showed up for the same exact problem! hahaha So we chatted as well. I thought it was pretty entertaining.

I also wanted to discuss Dune.

(STING is the only redeeming factor in that entire movie)- and those panties!

Dune is THE worst movie ever made. Hands down. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I cannot believe I spent 34 hours watching that wretched thing. What is it? Spice? I'm really into nutmeg myself! And what's with the eyes? Seriously. What got into me? Yet for some reason, I was totally into it. AND, is it just me, or is it completely phallic? Yeah, someone was tripping on some bad acid. That's all I gotta say.

So now the PT is wanting me to get orthpedic shoes. Please someone, please, please, please tell me they aren't all old grandma shoes?! MICHELE SHUTTUP! - but seriously, I am NOT getting those shoes if that is my only option. I'll deal with my collapsed arches dangit!

What do you think Shel, think they come in my size?! O.o


Shel and Rick said...

OH YES BABY! You even found a better color than black. I am sitting here trying to not laugh too loud as Rick is already asleep.
The Velco too...DAMN MADDY You are gonna be one hot mamma!

Shel and Rick said...

Still laughing....

Maddy and Drew said...

...shuttup.... hahahaha

Monica said...

I don't think I've actually seen Dune--or maybe Jake made me watch it once, who knows, but it seems like I would have remembered Sting looking like THAT.

Heh, my dad is supposed to wear orthopedic shoes too--he's ruining his feet with his cowboy boots! He refuses to make himself cowboy boots with wider toes, I guess he thinks it's uncool. :)

rachaelhubbard said...


I am DYING about your take on Dune. D-Y-I-N-G. HAHAHAHHAHAAH! Oh, Sting!! Teehee! The spice! It must flow!!!
Stupid blogger doesn't let me embed images!!! GO TO IT NOW!

Hahahha and it SO TOTALLY IS 34 HOURS LONG! HA!

Okay, so, yes, it's a terrible, awful, horrible and hilarious movie. HOWEVAH... the book is really good. REALLY good. Almost Harry Potter level good, I thought. Well okay not as much fun. But still really detailed and intricate and full of intrigue and stuff. Plus, it's an Oregon book! Inspired by the beaches!

When we were dating - actually BEFORE we were dating I think! - Aaron tried to make me watch Dune. I pronounced it The Worst Movie Ever Made and fell asleep pretty early on in it, I think. Ha. But, after reading the book (with a lot of skepticism due to the crappy movie I might add), I went and watched it again and kind of GOT IT a lot more! It's still terrible, but I see where it's going, and what it's trying to do now. LOL.


Thayer & Associates said...

Now I need to see Dune.

Thayer & Associates said...

Now I need to see Dune.

Shel and Rick said...

Still laughing....LMAO!!! and NOT at Sting

Shel and Rick said...

Rick was just looking at your blog and he reminded me...Mrs Horman wear's these types of shoes. He thinks she would be able to help get you hooked up.

Yup, I am still laughing and so is Rick!