Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer's over

Well let's see....not much has happened this week- I finished painting my chalkboards- they look brilliant if I do say so myself! Elisabeth and I have just been hanging out, trying to hold onto summer by thin threads in the realization that work really does start on Monday.  Ah well- at least it's been a really great summer :)

I'm having a hard time not going out and buying lots of fall/winter clothes and tons of school supplies.  We just don't need them, but man, I sure want to!!!

For our produce box on Tuesday, we got strawberries, romano beans, radishes, corn, lettuce, basil, cherry tomatoes (like Drew's hand? hahaha), and some heirloom tomatoes.  Good thing I love tomaotes!!

My little munchkin picking a book to read!

If you look closely, you can see her top front teeth!!!

Like that? Her hand had been down on the side "hiding" her treasures that I didn't see until after she was done. what a silly girl ;)

Nom, Nom, Nom tomatoes!!!

She plays this game of, "How many magnets can I make fall at one time"...she's getting pretty good at it

1 comment:

Michele said...

You really do get good food boxes. I am jealous!
I like all the bumps on her head and I can see the teeff!
Winter blows!