Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh Canada!

We went up to Canada for my cousin's wedding this weekend. It was a lot of fun, but it was exhausting, and driving that much is something I'm glad we don't do often. I found out border patrol rarely, if ever have their stamps on them, so we didn't get a Canadian stamp for going over the border. bummer. It was nice to see family and realize that I look a lot like some people in my family! Here's a few pictures of before, during and after the wedding:

We're prepping E for Halloween-cause you can't have Halloween on just ONE day!

Stopping quickly at IKEA to try out the toys. If I didn't have more will power, this would have come home, she really liked it.

She looks so tall (I mean, she is, but she just looks like a big kid to me in the pic)

Loving the icey water (come to find out, she was teething and a molar came through on Monday!)

Loving Hunterpup

I think she was giggling at one of the dogs who was playing with their chew toys

The happy newlyweds

Getting all smiley at the reception!

What? I can't hear you! My phone isn't working right!

p.s. using someone else's camera has made me realize how much more I miss mine, and how excited I am to be getting an awesome one in a few months!!!

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Michele said...

That horsie is very cute!
She does look very tall and I love the costume. She needs to play Halloween like once a week.