Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Room and Teeth!

I told my mom I'd take pictures of my classroom so she could see what it looks like, and since this is how I communicate, you all get to see, too.  Bear in mind that everything is in piles because they take everything out to re-wax the floor, then they put it all back in in a mess because they don't know where I want it. Sooo, it's up to me to slide things around and scuff up the floor.  I also have one of my dear, sweet coworkers boxes in there while they try to figure out where to put them.

This is from my doorway, looking left.
This is in the doorway looking straight on/slightly right
Those boxes aren't mine- all mine are in my closets where I can pretend they don't exist.  If I stay in this room another year, maybe I'll actually do something with them.

See in the below picture how my desk is up in the far left corner? That's where they want my desk. I tried it out, left it there for a day and decided I hate it.  I had Drew move it back into it's corner today for me. (He actually came in and helped!!-so excited, so nice!!!) - I know he'll never read this, but just in case he does, Thank you!!!  (He moved all my furniture for me so I could paint)
This is what I guess you'd consider the middle
after 1 coat
After 2 coats
(I'm having a hard time formatting with the new layout options)
But, I have wanted to paint my chalkboards since I first started working - same issue, different classrooms. This year, I actually did some research and found what I wanted.  I was able to get tintable paint so that it wasn't just black or green and painted! They only came in tiny containers though and I ran out on about 3 square feet left (used the drips in the container to attempt to fix it)- but I'm going to have to go back and get another can just to do a once over really smooth over the whole thing.  I think it turned out well, and fits my personality a LOT better. ---normally I cover the boards up with paper, but I just didn't want to have to keep doing that (it's ugly, it fades, and it gets dirty)

I'll take pictures again when it's all put together and clean before the kids come in and destroy it. ;)

On a completely different note, guess who had another tooth break through?!

You guessed it!

She now has all but 1 molar (top right is missing), 4 front teeth, and 2 bottom teeth. Aren't the other 2 bottom teeth supposed to come in soon?  She likes to bite. hahahaha  She also likes to pull her books out of the bookcase and see if she can beat her time from the time previous.  She also learned the sign for pacifier in about 2 seconds.  Seriously, I showed her 2 different times and she got it down.  So now she'll sign for her blanket and pacifier and I almost feel obligated to get them because she does such a great job requesting them.  I also have a hard time not letting her have the paci if she keeps popping out teeth like nobodies business (for those that don't keep track as crazily as I do, she has had 7 teeth come through in 1 month and 2 days). Ouch!  So needless to say, we're going to need to start working on a pacifier withdraw method once these teeth settle in. ;)

P.S. if you go to YouTube and watch the Skidamarink video, Ellie can sit and wiggle like they do at the pauses- she loves it, I love it, and we giggle!

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