Thursday, August 19, 2010


I ate something on Tuesday that made me so painfully ill I almost couldn't get out of bed all day Wednesday.  I was up all night and let's just say it wasn't pretty.  Thankfully, around the early afternoon today, it started waning and I actually ate dinner tonight.  Let's hope those awesome 3lbs I lost will say off! hahaha So now that I'm feeling better, I was able to pull some pictures off the camera from a few days ago.  I am also trying to get a movie of E singing the chorus to the Guinea Pig Way on YouTube, but it's as if she gets camera shy and won't perform adequately when the camera is sad, cause it really is pretty cute.

Ellie has learned how to say Hello and seems to have a decent conversation with her imaginary friends with such detail as to laugh at certain points, pause during others and push the buttons when she's done.  It scares me how observant she is sometimes.
I got a smile- it's over exposed with my lame camera, but it's a smile nonetheless.  I wish you could see all her upper teeth but she wouldn't let me get a good picture of them!
In Tuesday's box, we got German butterball potatoes, blackberries, pattipan squash, cherry tomatoes, beans, a watermelon, beefsteak tomatoes, lettuce (there would have been more lettuce and tomatoes but I used those for a salad)...and you say, hey, that's a measly amount of wanna know where they went??? well....
Yup..right there! hahaha She loves her blackberries! (anyone know if blackberries freeze well, or if I'm better off doing something else with them if I go pick them and use them for winter time???)-anyone??

So on a completely different topic, I start work in a week.  I'm pretty sad about having to get up at a reasonable time in the morning (6am instead of 7am, boohoo LOL)- and I'm sad I'm going to have to do my hair and makeup every day.  And I'm mostly sad about having to leave my little critter to go hang out with other little critters.  I have realized what a complete social butterfly my child is, and how she absolutely adores being around other kids, so I know she's going to be ok.  The anxiety of me leaving her with someone other than me tears me up and throws me into a mini panic attack every few days.  So here's hoping the transition to new and better things goes well.

P.S. anyone want to help me come paint chalkboards (as in you do the work(I'll buy everything),  and I'll organize and talk to you ;) ? I'll buy you lunch :)


Michele said...

Great photos. She cracks me up. Just think she will be with people who want her.

Jocelyn said...

I've never had a problem freezing blackberries. My freezer has a ton right now. I once made a cobbler from frozen blackberries, and it turned out really runny. I learned that you have to rinse and drain frozen blackberries for cobbler. You can't just toss them in fresh. But they keep their shape. My girls love eating them frozen, and I freeze them to make jelly when it's more convenient.