Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I need to start labeling my posts so I can reference back to them more adequately. We had the missionaries over for dinner tonight. Not something I'd normally bring up, but it was one of the Elder's birthday, so I had to make a cake. I didn't HAVE to make a cake, I wanted to. So he said he wanted chocolate cake, frosting didn't matter. I got the cream cheese frosting cause that looked good to me at the store, and it was good. The problem with canned frosting is that it's just too runny. That junk was just sliding off the cake. How could anyone decorate with that and think it was an acceptable cake I wondered. Never again. If I need to decorate my cake, please remind me to just make my own frosting. The can stuff is just a joke. And plus, it has all those nasty ingredients to preserve it that just aren't necessary. Anyway, the cake was a joke. It was probably the worst I've ever made. I'm running out of colors, so all I had that was acceptable was green and yellow- so I made duck colors. I don't particularly care for the Ducks, but the cake said I needed to use the colors. (I'm a Ute fan...and I can be proud of that since they're going to whoop everyone's A in the Pac-10!)

I also made Fettuccine Alfredo. I made my own sauce. I've never made fettuccine sauce before, and I have to say that I did an excellent job. It was delicious. I just wish I didn't know what went in to it. I will definitely need to find a lower fat version if I ever make it again. All I know is that that canned store stuff will NEVER be bought again. Thank you food network!

I sent home all the leftovers with the Elder's. I hope they like it for leftovers, and I can keep my tummy happy by not eating more fattening food. :)

Now for pictures and stories behind the pictures :)

Our produce haul for the week:
squash (zucchini and patti pan)
sweet onions
lots of potatoes
cherry tomatoes
slicing tomatoes
And my new favorite: Jimmy Nardelo Sweet Italian Peppers

Can I just say how fond of these sweet peppers I am? Well, I am. It was suggested that we fry them up and use them in various things like sandwiches, salads, whatever! So we made cheese quesadillas and fried up some of these guys with some onion til they caramelized and then put the mixture on our cheese and tortillas, melted them together and ate them. Holy smokes were they delicious! I then put some in our dinner salad tonight which were also excellent even though they weren't cooked. I highly recommend them!

OK, so this one, no one put me on STFUparents please. :) I was making the cake for the Elder and put my frosting spatula into the dishwasher. I then started rinsing out the icing bags since I can't put them in the dishwasher. So the next thing I see is E is by me checking out the stuff in the dishwasher (pretty normal)- the next time I look down, she's gone, and so is the spatula. I then see her in the front room and her face is covered in green. Instead of cleaning her up right away, I giggled, got out the camera, took some pictures and a movie, and THEN cleaned her up. She was one happy girl....which is good since the next picture was BEFORE the frosting incident...

Nana Clark has bought her an adorable hat and I said we would use it! So I tried it on and I immediately had a bawling, screaming baby. I unhooked the velcro and she literally THREW it on the ground. I am a mean, mean mommy

This one was fun- we were eating the cherry tomatoes from our produce box (Ellie included) and she thought it was spectacular that Drew could pop the tomato in and out of his mouth like a disappearing trick! We got some good giggles for it! I'm still working on a picture of her top teeth. She has a giant gap between the two and I think it's pretty cute!

As for life outside of precious princess, we've started the process of refinancing our house to get a lower interest rate to allow us to be able to better handle a second mortgage and rent out this place so that we can eventually move. Our current financial situation makes it possible for us to save a decent amount for a down payment on another house in the next 12-18 months. So for the grandma's and nana's out there wondering when another adorable baby is on the way, your answer is going to be, "Not until we have a house!" (another one ;) ) --and the reason we aren't just selling this one is that the condo association is having a hard time getting FHA approval and that seems to be the ONLY way anyone is able to buy anything lately without 20% down. So we figured we could rent it out for almost what we pay in mortgage (especially if we are able to refi)

So life is very busy, but good. :)

I even thought about work for a little bit today- which I haven't done all summer (well, other than converting my cassette tapes to mp3)

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Michele said...

You are not a bad mommy. You are a good mommy.
I like your food basket better than mine. Remember mine is only every 4 weeks, when i do get it.
I have some recipes for low fat Alfredo sauce that is good. The original is good for a reason though hehehe
the tilt of the head showing she is dancing cracks me up!