Friday, September 3, 2010

Lots of stuff

Wow, lots of stuff this past week!
We went to the fair this past weekend (2nd one in my entire life).  Ellie loved the animals and even got a nap in while we were there.  We tried deep fried twinkies and snickers.  They were so disgusting I honestly considered going in the bathroom and vomiting.  I don't suggest them.  Apparently it's the deep fried oreos that are good?  hmmm..Don't think I'll be paying $5 for that crap again.  But at least we got the experience, right?  ....gross...

Both of my honey's not looking at the camera.  And of course, I forgot my camera, so they're all iphone shots...sorry...

The turtles were pretty cool, but that area stunk pretty bad.

My favorite bunnies
I had no idea there was such a thing as a fluffy hen, these were fun and reminded me of tribbles
mmmmmm cotton candy!!
I love this picture- she was gobbling up her food so well.  Most of our food times involve naked babies lately :)
First day of school!! (well, really, new babysitter, but who's counting?)- and yes, I fixed her pants, they were just hiking up cause I had been carrying her around. ;)
If you look very closely, on the left, you'll see a little curl :) :) :) :)
Daddy taking E for a pony ride to the bathroom- she had been on him like a monkey, but decided side saddle might be better. hahaha
Loving Blaire while she does a puzzles in between turning the tv and dvd player on and off.
Produce box for the week:
Lettuce, sweet girl tomatoes, cantaloupe, 2 peppers, lots of onions, romano beans, cherry tomatoes, blackberries(not shown cause they were being devoured at the time), and we were supposed to get 2# of potatoes but they forgot to get put in, so we'll just grab something extra out of the extra box next week.

and last, but not least, my current pride and joy of being so clean and won't last more than 30 minutes on Tuesday, but that's ok :)  I love my boards so much!


Michele said...

Your classroom looks great!
How did your allergies fair at the fair? hahaha I remember going with you here....yeah bad news bears.
I knew you had no will power

Jocelyn said...

I can see the curl! It's so cute. Your school room looks very lovely with the boards all done up. Nice job.