Friday, September 24, 2010


My little munchkin went to the doctor and was a trooper getting all her shots. She hates that place.  We hadn't been there in 3 months and she still crawls all over me to try to to be let down.  She's doing great though- 97th% in height and weight, and 80% on her little noggin.  She's just my tall bag of potatoes!

 Our babysitter shared some of her Marionberry jam with us.  Holy moly! That stuff is G.O.O.D!!!!

Fun Ellie Facts:
She can say, mama in several forms, daddy in several forms, yes,  no, this, whoa, uhoh, uhm, hi, buh-bye, and the best garbly gook I've ever heard!

She can sign: more, please, no, food, milk, cereal, banana, ouch, binky, blanket (she actually made up her own sign for this, it's darling), all done

She can: put her toys away (with direction :) ), climb up stairs, play legos- bigger ones, brush her teeth, give wonderful kisses, hugs, and best of all, I get squeals of delight when I go pick her up every day.  Nothing could make me happier.

Love this girl!


Michele said...

She can also say Dang that's good! I heard it with my own ears.

Maddy said...

Oh that's true! I totally forgot about that one!! She can also sign- help, sleep, songs, dance, and book that I forgot about until this morning. haha