Friday, October 30, 2009

Responsibility- what's that?

Have I shown you my irresponsible parenting skills? My child is sucking on Cheetos. BUT since I'm health conscious, at least they're BAKED Cheetos. HAHAHA We talked to the doctor last week about giving her food. He was pretty insistent on us waiting til 6 months because of her tendency to be allergic to the world like her mother. So we have to hold off on more entertaining, messy pictures until then.

This week, for some reason, has been extremely trying. I am completely exhausted, and just want it to end. Thank goodness for a weekend to recoup.

So here's some pictures to fawn over, laugh at, and enjoy!

Frog eyes are apparently extremely delicious. She's taken to enjoying eating her frog on the way to and from her babysitters house. She takes his arms and swings them around like she's trying to hit someone. I find it extremely amusing. She's going to be the bully.

This was this morning on the way to work. I'm so glad I have such a happy baby!

Ellie has taken to enjoying her exersaucer more and more lately. She can even flip the pages in her little book and push the buttons to hear songs. I swear there's even a little wobble of the head to the fancy music it plays.

Oh, this was funny. I sat the princess up to take her picture and she proceeded to go from this:

To this:

And ultimately to this:

She doesn't look comfortable, but apparently the feet HAD to be grabbed. I guess it was imperative, and of the utmost importance!

Man, I love having my own personal entertainment!


Rachael said...

That picture of her and Drew is SO CUTE!!! =D

Michele said...

Of course she will be the bully. You were the bully!
At least your dr didn't totally chew you out.