Saturday, October 3, 2009


Last night, we went to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner with Ryan before we dropped him off at the airport. (He's moving to New York to be closer to his wife that lives in Toronto until the visa's go through). Anyway, back to me: ;) --We were sitting in what I decided was the kid section. They seated us around all these other families with young children. I didn't mind one bit since we we too, had a child. I actually was quite happy they had some place like that. I didn't feel completely awful when Ellie started crying cause she was exhausted+bored.

Near the end of dinner, a couple showed up, and up until that point, Elisabeth had been the youngest one there. The couple that came in had a week old little boy. It was like a train wreck to me- I couldn't stop staring. He was TEENY! Drew proceeded to insist that our baby was once that small. I couldn't see it. I said to him, "No, she hasn't grown at all, she's just learned how to smile and has gotten stronger!" - we both laughed.

But the strangest thing happened. I actually LONGED to have a wee little baby like that again! I am a bit freaked out by even saying it! It's like I can't figure out where my teeny little girl went, and now I have this giant princess. AND she's just going to get bigger!

So, even though I'm a little freaked out to say it, I suppose that as long as it's in our cards, I suppose we're going to have to have another baby some time just so I can cuddle a teeny little one again :)

my baby went from this little thing to this:


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You think that you are freaking out now? Just wait...