Thursday, October 15, 2009

As per request!

This has been a week of firsts:

OK, the thumb thing isn't new, I just thought she looked possessed, so I thought I'd post it :)

On Monday, after school, look what our little one showed us she could do on her very own! --not for a long time, but long enough to get some pictures out of it!!!

THEN, she did it again on Tuesday- it wasn't a fluke! She's still a bit tipsy, but pretty good nonetheless!

Drew also thought it'd be a great idea to give her a banana in her meshy bags- she dissolved that thing til it was gone. Then when she realized we took it away, she screamed. hahahaha We then decided since she has been so interested at grabbing at our plates at dinner, and we can't keep her full enough, that we'd start her on some cereal. She seems to like it well enough, and half of it ends up on her- so we only give her some right before bath time! She's growing up too fast! ---and don't worry mom, I have a video to upload, I just haven't had a chance to yet.

These aren't firsties either, but they're sure cute!

O RLY face, again! Awesome!

Turkey bum!!

Oh the concentration!!


Do not want!!!

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Shel said...

Those photos are awesome! I love turkey butt. The thumb photo...I need one of her really sucking that bad boy!