Thursday, October 8, 2009


I had tried to brush off Halloween as a not a big deal, but the more I say it, the more I push myself the other way into thinking that Halloween needs to be a HUGE deal! So I've talked to Drew and I think we've finally narrowed down what we'd like Elisabeth to be for Halloween.

I cannot believe the amount of costumes to choose from! We decided to stay away from the princess themes since she is going to have an opinion other than mine some day, and I'd like for her to not have to repeat costumes if possible. :) So, we're going to go with cute and cuddly instead! ...I know what you're thinking...just put her in her penguin pajamas- right?!?! hehehe oh it'll get BETTER!

AND speaking of costumes, this past weekend, I got this hair up you know where to find her a turkey outfit for THANKSGIVING! That very same day, I found the perfect one on ebay, bid on it, and won by Monday! I am super excited to dress her up for Thanksgiving, you have no idea! So until I have pictures of my awesome turkey baby, here's some to captivate you for the time being.

Just loungin around in the kitchen!

Whaaaaa was that?

Mommy made a funny!


Oh, and p.s., Drew got admitted as an attorney today- it was pretty awesome for him- Elisabeth cried cause she realized she wasn't the center of attention, so we spent most of the time out with the other babies in the entrance. I also forgot the camera, so the only pictures I have are dark and blurry from my iphone. Sorry!! Once again, your girls are still proud of you though!


Rachael said...

Ahhhh I see the sweater I bought her! :) TOO CUTE!

Shel said...

Ok the kitchen photo - that made me laugh. I like those baby legs though.
I can't wait to see the turkey!
SNOOPY!! There is nothing she would like better than to be SNOOPY for Halloween.
That argyle sweater...does that match yours?

YAY for Drew!