Thursday, October 1, 2009

So Proud!

Yesterday afternoon, I went to check on baby girl and I found this:

I squealed in delight!!1

Here's some other pictures cause I haven't posted enough of them ;)

She likes to lick spoons!
*PEW PEW PEW* eyes!

She's very rude and doesn't know how to close her mouth, but she wanted to show you one of her halloweeny outfits! She has to wear it on Saturday for the Dragon Run, cause it's her only orange clothes :D ---did you guys hear that?! She's going to wear something TWICE!!...heaven forbid...I know...I'm a little embarassed. hahahaha

1 comment:

Shel said...

I am so glad she found her thumb. It will make her happy and you won't have to one of those stupid pacifier things attached to her clothes. I have noticed that her mouth is ALWAYS open. She is such a little birdie...well maybe not so little. She appears to get the big fat juicy worms.
What is Dragon Run?
That spoon thing cracks me up. Have you given her any of mom's dressing yet, since she has had other foods already.
You know that the US is the only country where people wait to give their babies real food?