Monday, November 2, 2009

Cooped up

Since our Dr. highly suggested we don't go out and about much, we've become creative. We carved our pumpkins, stood in pumpkins, and sat in pumpkins. It obviously didn't go so well, but we sure got some good giggles from it. I told Drew that Elisabeth is either going to think we're awesome, or be scarred for life by that incident. Either way, we win. ;)

We also decided that since we're not supposed to be going to large, crowded areas (this is all to avoid the flu issues while Elisabeth is still too young to fight it off well enough- and since she's at a babysitters all week, the doc felt that being there was more than enough exposure)

Anyway, we decided a trip to the coast would be a good idea. Wide open spaces, lots of clean, fresh air- it's a win, win situation!

We also had a pink bunny come to our house for Halloween. We got 5 trick or treaters, which was 5 more than last year! I made Ellie hang out in her costume all day! hehehe

I had to let some things go with working 40+ hours a week, and one of those things was knitting hats and gloves for Ellie. We went and bought some instead. I am loving this hat and gloves. I'm excited for them to fit!


Michele said...

I still think those photos are hilarious and Rick still thinks it is cruel.
YAY for Snoopy!

Brammer Family said...

My gosh, such great pictures! :)