Thursday, November 5, 2009


My sister has started a finding dead people business. She doesn't have a Ouija board yet, but she says she's legit...

She's found quite of few of our ancestors, and somehow manages to pull a story* or two from many of them as well. She even found pictures from several of them and created a 21 foot long image tree of who's related to who.

*Did you know that one of my relatives got buried alive? True story!

You should go check it out and get her help at finding all your dead peeps, too!!!

(he's not really dead, he just turned into a vampire is all...)


Michele said...

You are awesome. Tell you what, I will post that story tonight or tomorrow on my blog. I might even have a photo of him!!

Michele said...

Why is Edward on here?

Michele said...

I think you should have some Bryan Adams music on your blog