Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh My Love

I sure love this little munchin to pieces!!! We got to spend the day together because of some unforeseen circumstances in the wee hours of the morning. Elliekins also seemed to have either picked up a cough, or has learned how to fake cough. I haven't decided which.- I didn't feel like taking chances, so we stayed home. :)

Don't you love those eyes?!

She wanted to show you her awesome matching un-skills. I put up two pairs of baby legs for her to choose, and even when I put them in different hands, she still chose these bad boys. So, I humored her by putting them on, and then I took them off! hahaha I feel this is just the beginning

Ellie was so entranced when I was squishing her diaper bag up to put in the trash, so I let her have a gander at it. She was LOVING squishing it and trying to eat it. Don't worry, all supervised ;)

This flower had a fun texture that she wasn't quite sure about to begin with. Within 3 minutes though, it was soaking wet. We call this outfit her Liz Lemon outfit cause she's all lemony yellow!

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