Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stupid Paint

I'm pretty frustrated. I had pre-painted all of our trim so that when we put it up and nailed it in, I could just go around and do touch up on it. For some reason, Valspar has become the devil. I don't know how, but the color I used on the trim is NOT the same color I used on the trim a year ago. It's the exact same paint brand, exact same color (supposedly), but the new stuff I put on it brighter, so every single black dot that was once a nail, is now a brighter white smudge.

Not only do I HATE painting moulding, I absolutely LOATH having to paint baseboards while they are attached to walls. Especially when I have to be careful about the floors.

So today, AFTER I realized that the paint was not cooperating properly, I went through the house and vacuumed all the trim so that tomorrow, I can go through the *entire* house and repaint the junk. I am so torqued. I'd do it right now, but after bending over for the last 4 hours, I can't get myself to continue with these nasty sharp pains running up and down my back. It isn't worth it. I'm even going to make Drew move all the furniture back cause I just don't have it in me. Besides, I'll have to move it all out again tomorrow.

So much for making my house look pretty. :-\

On another note, the reason I had the paint out in the first place was because I needed to paint our closet doors. They are now painted and THEY look spectacular. Too bad that was the only thing that went well over the last 4 hours. Bummer...


Julia said...

I did the same thing with paint. I painted a room when Brett was gone a while ago and I ran out of paint. Brett came home and saw how bad it looked and got some more paint to finish it. It didnt match at all. We had to redo the whole dang room. I hate painting.

Dave Nash said...

Hello Maddy,
My name is Dave and I work for Valspar Paint. I read your comments and understand your frustration involved with painting baseboards. Several things may be occurring at once, resulting in the variation of color you are seeing. If possible, I would like to help and explain what is happening. You can email me directly at dnash@valspar.com.