Sunday, March 8, 2009


I had a fabulous week! Let me tells you about it.

Monday and Tuesday were regular days, but on Wednesday, that was when the fun started! I left work early to head to lunch with Drew, and then dropped him off at school while I went and got my teeth cleaned. - I know some people hate the dentist, but I absolutely love my dentist and love having my teeth cleaned- it's one of those times when I get non-stop compliments about what a great job I'm doing. I love it. :) Since I couldn't get my x-rays done like they were planning on doing, I still had some time before Drew was out of school so I went and got a pedicure! It was a little lonely without my friends, but I was on the phone almost the whole time, so I was still way busy. :D Now I have neon red toes!!!

Drew got me some fun gifts, flowers sent to my work, and a Konditorie cake- it was perfect!

Then on Friday, after I helped run stuff over to the high school for the big auction, we went out to Gleneden Beach for the weekend. We got THE best room- EVER - Seriously, that room was absolutely fantastic. We even cracked open the sliding glass door in our bedroom at night to listen to the huge waves breaking in the storm during the nights. In the front room, there was this huge bay window that we just spent hours watching the waves roll in and out, too. I think we've both decided that a retirement house on the beach is a must.

I would have felt pretty jipped if we had been at the beach with all that rain normally, but since we could sit in a warm room and watch the ocean anyway, it didn't phase me at all.

This was this morning- the waves were HUGE, and it was high tide so the water was hitting the rocks at the bottom of the hill- there was literally no where to walk.

Sheesh, we look tired don't we? I blame daylight saving time. ;)

There was a break in the rain storms

We also had quite the fun time at the outlet stores and buying lots of cutie little pink clothes! So now we're home, doing laundry and relaxing before the busy week coming up.

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