Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Drew and I signed up for the gym on Monday in hopes of keeping a happy family. The treadmill thing wasn't working out with me because of my ITBS, and Drew hates it, so we finally caved and went to the gym. I cannot believe how much I have missed that place since living in Utah. I cringe at the prices since they are substantially higher than that in Utah, but whatever. Totally worth it. I found out today, I am a lamer at biking. These bikes are so cool. I may have to use them every single day until I get so sick of them, I hate them...which may take a while.

They have this cool thing where you can race other people and you get to pretend you're on the course and all that. It's no spinning class, but seriously, I think this may be way cooler. The downside? Yeah, my bum starts hurting pretty bad. Especially after 40 mins. - I am disappointed at my slow poke skills, but unfortunately, this biking for 2 is hard work.

Speaking of work, the outlook doesn't look so kind for my current position. I think it'll take a spectacular miracle to save my job.

I should know by next week, but I can take the hints. Stupid layoffs and budget cuts. I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed, ask for prayers, and hope for the best. At least on the bright side, I should have insurance to finish out the pregnancy, and until Drew gets hired. I should also be able to collect some unemployment monies, and then I'd have an excuse to stay home? hahaha Too bad my motivation to move is higher than my desire to stay home. I think I'll sub through this next year if I do get the boot, and feel things out for the following year when baby girl is a year old.

Last, but not least, our sweet Lexy went to live with Grandma, Grandpa, Tomba, Picabo, and Keeley up in heaven on Monday. I love her very much, and miss her more than I ever expected. I'm glad I have such great friends and family that have lifted me up in my time of need. I love you guys more than you will ever know! <3

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Shel said...

Don't forget all the hamsters!!!
(Did you know that hampsters does not have a P in it? Holy crap! You learn something new every day.)