Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patty's Day Food

I know I'm a few days ahead of schedule on the St. Patrick's Day festivities, BUT Drew has class late that night, so I thought today would be perfect instead! What did we eat? Well, I'll tells you!

Breakfast, we had oatmeal. Not just any oatmeal my dear friends- this stuff took me a while. We used steel cut oats and had to soak those suckers over night. I actually just found a great recipe to throw it in a crock pot over night=brilliant! Anyway, that stuff was delicious! We dumped some raisins and brown sugar in it, and it was divine. I can't believe how much I love oatmeal some days. I forgot to take a picture of it- sorry!

Lunch - I was so full from breakfast that I skipped the lunch festivities and just had a snack when we got home from church while we waited for dinner to be done.

Dinner - Irish Stew (I have to admit that I substituted beef for lamb- I just can't get myself to eat sheepies), and Irish soda bread. It was SO GOOD! I was amazed.

Here's how they turned out:

There was a ton of steam coming off the stew, so it looks fuzzier than it really is.

This was our fun soda bread- it is REALLY good with Honey! :)

I also took a picture of my seedlings that are growing so fast. The watermelon is being a slow poke though. What gives?

(each 2 columns is 1 type of plant) So starting out, is corn on the right, followed by my red tomatoes, then yellow tomatoes, then cucumbers, then watermelon on the far left. I'm pretty excited about them! :D

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