Thursday, March 12, 2009

Farmer Maddy!

Meet me, Farmer Maddy. Last year, I wasn't able to grow any stuff because it'd all die in the middle of June when the infamous Mexico trip occurred. So all last year + this year, I had been planning on doing tomatoes in big pots again this year outside. Well, not only am I going to do THAT, but since no one uses the side area of our little duplex, I'm going to take it upon myself to do something with the dirt area. I have started some seed starters that should be ready to be planted as soon as it warms up enough to transplant outside. Here's what I'm going to have:

I am *so* excited! :) So much so, that maybe I might share with you? :) My only concern is when that sweet little baby pops out, I'm going to need Drew to water them for me. I hope he's up to the task! It's only a few days, right?!

That's my excited face! Just ignore Drew. hahaha


Shel said...

Only a few days unless you end up with a C-section hahaha Seriously, do you even get enough sun up there for tomatoes?

Shannon & Eli said...

oh la la i hope yours look as good as those pictures and I am totally jealous you can grow watermelon!