Sunday, March 1, 2009


On Saturday, Drew and I had to run up to Portland for some errands, so we figured we would stop in at my favorite place on Earth- IKEA. I could spend allll day long there. What's interesting though, is even if we're there for 15 minutes, Drew seems to always need to nap on the way back home. It's like he is completely and utterly wasted for the rest of the day. Very entertaining. So while we were there, we decided to get the cribbery items since they are what I wanted and I could get tons of extra things for the same price as a regular bed set at some stores. I did forget to get a dust ruffle though- (which I don't think they have at IKEA, so I'll have to pick one up elsewhere). I took some pictures after we had put it together, but don't mind that little drawer underneath, I had forgotten about it and would have made it all center and cute, but I obviously didn't realize I took a picture of it. hahaha

So that's the inside of the crib soooo cute!

That rug is sooo soft, I could sleep on it!

I wasn't planning on buying new curtains, but these were so adorable, I couldn't NOT get them. And admire my beautiful treadmill hogging some photo space. ---and you got it, baby gets to hang with the treadmill, it's my only compromise til I get a gym membership.

I love, love that froggy thing to put STUFF in, and cutie Lexy is such a helper!

Favorite part? The canopy! LOVE THAT GUY!!!

So yesterday was definitely a day of nesting, even though there's nobody to put in it for a few more months, it's still nice to have for my sanity sake.

I also finally planted my starters of corn, cherry tomatoes, these yummy yellow tomatoes, cucumbers, and watermelon. I'm very excited for those, too!

THEN last night, I hung out with some friends and stuffed myself full of cake. It was delicious. I think I may have overdone it though, since I've had a cold, and wound up coughing allllll day loonnnggg today. I am wasted. I did get a few inches on the new blanket done though- yay for no energy!


Shel said...

Very cute stuff. That canopy is awesome.

rachaelhubbard said...


It looks *so cute!* WOW. That's awesome you got that all done with! Hard to believe a little bitty baby will be in there soon! ;)

Tamara and Jonathan said...

TOTALLY CUTE!!!! Oh my gosh, Maddy-- I think it just like *really* dawned on me that you're gonna have a supercutepinksquirmybabygirl to put in that adorable crib!!! Once you get the crib up it really starts to feel a bit surreal, doesn't it?? Tell me your due date again???