Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week o Pictures

day 17. a drunk photo of you
I don't have one of those, nor would I post it if I did!  So I'll give you something else instead:
 Drew and me on graduation day (the first time around)- I look possessed! lolol

day 18. a photo of one of your classes
 I think this one is safe enough you can't tell exactly who anyone is.  This was one of my favorite classes of kiddos. :) We had just enjoyed some root beer floats and they realized our room was right there in the windows, so they all wanted to check it out.  I love Hipstamatic for the photo effects!

 day 19. a photo of you on a school trip
 This was when I was still student teaching.  I had found a crab.  The ocean is such a magical place to me!

day 20. a photo of something you enjoy doing

 Spending time with family!

day 21. a photo of you standing up

Yup, I'm a dork! Man, Harry Potter land was the best!

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