Thursday, February 24, 2011


Last weekend we went up to Seattle for a little break from regular life. We had a good time, ate too much, and slept too little, just the way it should be.

Today, we had a snow day. The amount of snow is a joke, but what no one understands is that we have no money invested in snow removal, so people just keep driving on the roads, making them slick.  We also usually have a fair amount of rain before the snow comes, which creates a nice layer of ice on the ground.  Top off an ice skating rink road with snow, and it becomes a serious hazard.  So it's not so much the snow, but rather the ice that is the problem.  It's continued to snow throughout most of the day, but it's also warmed up enough to have melted most of it as well.  It'll get icy tonight, and we may have an hour or two late start tomorrow, but I doubt we'll have another snow day from it.

Since I finally got Elisabeth down to nap about 1.5 hours late and 2 tagalongs, 1 samoa, and 1 lemon cream cookie later, she finally crashed.  This left me time to upload pictures from the last couple of weeks to share with everyone!  So here they go!

 This one is titled, "He's Sad!" This is a tinker toy Ellie has, and somehow she always finds it in the over abundance of toys she has.  As you can see, the end has been smooshed a little bit - but the first time she showed it to me, she was very distraught and kept saying, "He's sad!" and whimpering a little bit.  I didn't realize what she was looking at for about 30 seconds...and 30 seconds in child time is a LONG time to get a response from Mama.  She is always *so* concerned about others, and always wants to make them happy.  I love how she is so concerned that this guy is SO SAD!

 She smiled for us!

 Eatin her crackers in her tent!

 Hopper was quite tolerant of the child this time!

 What's around your child's neck? You know, a dog collar.  ....she wanted to be JUST like the dogs. Oh boy....

 Missy's favorite past time lately - eating clementines, snuggling in Mama and Papa's bed, and watching "Me Mo" (Nemo).

 What's Dis?! - Our gifts from Grandma!!!



 The snow was just piling on! I have no idea how long we were out there, but she managed to need 2 sets of gloves cause they would get so wet.  I had to force her to come in because her hands were so cold.


 Her hair is getting curly-ish!
She wanted to show me her tongue

Can you believe she's 20 months old? I can't either. I sure love her!


Michele said...

She sure makes me giggle. And the tinker toy is sad! Can't you see the face in it?

Amie said...

I could seriously just eat her up! I love the forlorn little tinker toy...