Saturday, February 5, 2011


In between my other posts, I thought I'd give you a wee one update.  She makes me laugh so much. She's aware that she can do things to make people laugh, and does them on purpose (i.e. spitting out all her water onto the floor at the babysitters so that the kids will laugh at her, screaming "Weeeee!" as we go up the hill to the sitters, making funny noises, weird positions, dancing for everyone so they'll clap and laugh for her, etc.)  She's our little comedian!  I didn't know I'd have a goofy child! She picks up so many words every day that I can't keep track anymore. She is amazing, and I love her so much!

In my world, I'm taking a class on improving student writing, and one of our readings talked about us as writers.  Regie Routman who has the basis of this program goes on to suggest that we share our own personal writing with our students to help them realize that writing is important for their teachers as well.  I write random stuff in class once in a while, but I realized most of my writing is done between here, facebook and twitter.  While riding the bike at the gym today, I realized that maybe I should be sharing some of my writings from my blog with realize writing doesn't have to be profound, or really all that difficult.  We just have to realize there is an audience, and we want to tell them something....even if that audience is ourselves.  I like that way of thinking.  What are your thoughts?

Also, in the land of Maddy - today is a little special for my self-esteem land.  Those who know me, know how extremely difficult it is for me to lose weight.  *extremely* difficult doesn't really even begin to express it.  Anyway, I have been working my body to pieces lately and I'm proud to say that I am *finally* down to my pre-pregnancy weight!! I know this isn't huge for anyone but me, but I have been staring at that number since I gained that first pound about two months into the whole life of Elisabeth.  I didn't realize the weight wouldn't just "come off", and that I would have medical conditions making weight loss more difficult.  I'm anxiously optimistic about the next pregnancy to show myself that I can do a lot better than I did with Elisabeth's.  I won't have the heartburn problem, and I feel that was probably about 90% of the problem (the only time it would subside is when I ate...)  Anyway, hooray for me!  And at this rate, I plan on getting the rest of the unwanted lbs off, too! Go me! :D

And for Drew? uhm...well, he's just doin his thang...going to work, coming home, playing video games, playing with his girls...the usual :)

And now for the pictures, cause that's all anyone really cares about, anyway :)

 Drawing Mama a picture on the floor

 Is that an onion?  mmmhmmm..she ate it all...and another one, too. Gross.

 Our little ham
She was saving some chocolate from her chocolate chips for later. when I first looked at her ear, I was all, "What is in your ear?!?!" --thinking it was dried blood or something from a popped ear drum...I had no idea what had happened, then realized, nope, it's melted chocolate. Thank goodness she didn't shove it down her ear canal! (I'm a really good baby supervisor!)


Suki said...

Ewwww!!! I'm with you on the onions...

Let's be real, weight loss is great no matter how small or how hard it was to get rid of. Congratulations!!!

Amie said...

Congratulations! I can't even imagine how much harder it would be to lose weight with physical challenges, a toddler, a husband, and teaching full-time. This is an amazing accomplishment - I am really, really happy for you. :)