Saturday, February 12, 2011


Let's face it. I am a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad organizer. I stink at it. It takes all my strength and energy to organize.  Thankfully, that's where Drew comes in.  He is terrible at cleaning (wiping things off, etc.) - that's my area of expertise.  So once he's put everything away, I clean!  He has a tendency to put my camera "away" for know, where it's supposed to go.  It doesn't belong on the kitchen counter, you say? Bah!

Anyway, I forgot about it for a little bit, and really, I haven't had much time during the week to blog anyway, so now for my weekly stories of Life.

We have had a sick little girl the past week.  She had a pretty nasty upper respiratory cold that seems to be on its way out.  Drew stayed home with her one of the days this week and had a fun time.  Since it hasn't been raining a whole bunch, we have spent A LOT of time outside.  We have been going back in this little "cave" behind some large bushes/trees in our front yard and shoving pieces of wood and leaves down tubes I'm sure aren't meant for outside "things".  We've been going on walks, and running up and down the street.

Also? Drew just took off a couch cushion to check something and I realized how much crap was down underneath those cushion. How do kids get messes EVERYWHERE so FAST!? We had pink frosting ALL over our cabinets earlier today, all over the fridge and all over Drew's shirt.  I don't think she was out of my sight for more than 20 seconds.

Some fun new words/phrases she knows: awesome, it's a puppy!, Here kitty, kitty, kitty!
 I think this was the first time we gave her ice cream...she loved it so much, she had to lick the bowl

 Every night, Drew takes E around in a larger laundry basket and runs around the house saying, "WEEE!", but Papa was gone, and Mama was home, so I put her in her teeny basket and dropped her in the hallway so I could finish laundry. hahaha Mama is NO fun!

 Checking out the camera!

 She was telling me about her snake's eyes.-she normally HATES snakes, but likes this one? I don't get it. --when we were at the alligator farm in Florida, she was screaming as we took her into the snake enclosure, that's how bad it is...and she's never even touched a real one?

 Showing you her awesome new Babylegs- she wanted to wear them ALL

 I can't remember how it started, but she ended up scooting herself around in circles in the kitchen. Man, she if funny

On one of our many adventures in the yard.

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Suki said...

I'm diggin the white cabinetry. Especially the beadboard. At least that is what it looks like.