Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wonderful Weekend!

All my pics are totally out of order, but I have a movie waiting for me, so I'm not going to worry about organizing them this time.

So this weekend was superb. Ellie took us out to dinner yesterday, sent us to church today to then realize how beautiful it as out, so we were naughty and skipped out after sacrament and took off for the coast. We packed ourselves a delicious lunch and enjoyed the rays. It couldn't have been a better day if we tried!

E also had Drew put her hand and footprints on a cute little framed picture for me to hang in the hall, and she insisted that Drew buy me a mandolin because it rhymes with Madeleine and that's what she thought I was saying in the womb when I said my name. Little did she know I've wanted one for years! hooray!!

Buttercup and me. It was too sunny and there was a squirrel getting her attention.


I think she played in the sand for a good half hour

Yay for pictures!

E stole Drew's apple and insisted it was hers. She shared with Drew was adorable!!

Pretty summer dress - she has quite a few more to pose in for you ;)

without the jacket

pretty bows that actually were clipped onto HAIR, no joke! I loved this face!

The clippies in her hair. hehehe - I have no idea what she was looking at in this.

Hey maaaum, I found your pens!

and of course, you can't forget my beautiful ocean. Love that guy!


Michele said...

These pictures are awesome. Do you have more to put on Shutterfly or one of those? I could see hair sprouting in some of the photos. ADORABLE!

Maddy said...

I have tons more I can put on Shutterfly, I also took some that are landscape ratio so they work well for background on the newer flatscreen monitors. I'll go upload either tonight or tomorrow night :)

Jocelyn said...

I love that summer dress and the clippies! What a fun day! I can't remember the last time we just took a jaunt to the coast for a day.

Maddy said...

Thanks! If you knew how often I pestered Drew to go to the coast you'd laugh! I'm amazed we don't go more...