Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Header, Beautiful Day!

This week, my content on sitting child has discovered cruising. She can only go left to right and it makes for some comedic value when the cpu is around the short corner. She ends up taking the long way around to get to it. I love watching her "type" on the computer. I bet, to her, it seems like she's doing the exact same thing I do. She makes sure to click on the mouse A LOT and move things around. She also pushes those little fingers in to click away. She's even found some shortcut keys I've never experienced before!

Another funny story- I was drying her off after her bath tonight and she was sucking her thumb. I said, oh, you like that thumb? (she doesn't suck her thumb, but has been biting it lately) and she goes....uhhhh, no... and pulls it out. I don't know how purposeful it was, but it sure made me laugh.

I also feel like she's figured out some more of the world. She's been chuckling the past couple of days about silly little things like me shaking my head. This child rarely ever laughs. We've maybe gotten her to laugh 10 times since she's been born- like the good belly giggle type stuff...otherwise it's just coos and huge smiles. But this last 2 days it's just been little chuckles- so funny. She's also learned to smile at us for responses- or smile in certain ways- like squinty eyes or big mouthed smiles, things like that, and then claps when she gets the response she wants.

E has also been very good about expressing more and all done at meal times, too which has been awesome!

And last, but definitely not least, she's learned how to empty her bath water. When I give her a bath, I end up lying her down after she empties it so that she can splash around. I think I need a rain jacket for her new found splashing skills lately. Holy Moly!

Anyway, we've had a good, very productive week!

I put some water in her hair in attempts to get some more oomph to that hair to prove that yes, she does have hair, as fine and light as it may be!

Love those rosy red cheeks after a nap!

oh we have spent SO much time around that coffee table this week!

DADDY! Get off my puter! moooovvveeeee (she was trying to move him to get to it!)


playing with daddy, ripping up the grass


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Michele said...

She is SOOO stinkin cute!
She seems to have a white growth though...coming out of her head. It looks like you might have taken care of it though. Just be careful. You wouldn't want something like that to come back.