Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Ells has become fearless in the last 36 hours. She's willing to walk while holding on to 1 hand (sometimes) and only spent about 2 minutes sitting in the tub today. The rest of it was spent standing up to see the stuff she'd thrown out of the tub. We won't discuss the falling out of the tub mishap while mommy was attempting to wipe down the sink.... anyway, she's a cutie patootie and I love her!!

We walked ALL around the house and outside today. E even got into the bushes to pull leaves out.

She was nakey cause it was almost bath time after getting really wet at dinner. I had no idea she loved that blanket so much. Normally I wash it and fold it up for Monday (it goes to the babysitter's with her)- but she grabbed it out while I was folding clothes and hung on to it all weekend! so cute!

She pulled everything off the little table (keys, pens, checkbook, random fodder) and proceeded to push it around the house.

Busy at work!

oh dad! You put your hat on!!


Michele said...

She is pretty dang cute! You really need to come visit me this summer so I can play with her.

DeenieBug said...

That girl needs a leap frog shoppin cart. K80 had one. Whenever you turned it on, it enthusiastically said, "Let's go shopping!" HA
The pic of her pushing the little table reminds me of that shopping cart.

Maddy said...

Oh man, that looks awesome!!! I'll keep my eye out for one like it!

Shel, you come visit ME!!!