Sunday, May 30, 2010


I read this photo editing helpful tips blog and it says that if you keep putting the same editing effects that you're in short, boring. Well then, I am boring. I find myself using the same 5-10 effects over and over. Why? Because I love the way they look, the way they react with my child. Some of them would be fun, but for artistic purposes, I just happen to like them. I'm also sure that if I took more pictures of things other than Elisabeth, I'd have reason to use some of the crazy wild effects I have. Since all my pictures revolve around E and the coast, you get the effects I feel capture those two items well! So to be fair, I chose an effect on this picture that is similar to ones I've used in the past, but not exactly the same. :)

Most pictures I post on here I don't edit the coloring or anything. You get what I see, and you see what I get. It's just faster. Most edits I do are months after and I decide that I like a certain picture, so they're stored away for later days. :)

This picture doesn't do the dirt justice. I almost wished she would have gotten messier because she was having a blast with that dirt!

E was helping fold laundry. She helped by grabbing her blankies and using them. She helped by pulling her pants out to inspect them. And most importantly, she was helping inspect and sort hangers. What a good little panda!

Lastly, "the pants." Drew was sick of rolling her pants up and she kept tripping on them. So what would any loving dad do? Hike up the pants so they don't get stepped on, of course! LOL oh dear...

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Jocelyn said...

So what is the blog about photo editing? I'm sure I'm barely scratching the surface of what photoshop can actually do for me, and I ought to spend the time to learn more. I love that top edit, by the way. What a cutie you have!