Friday, May 21, 2010

11 Month Baby

I know I just posted, but that was about me. This one is about Princess. She is now 11 months old! I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around realizing it's been almost a year since we had her grace us with her presence.

We also went to the doctor today. She's had a continuous cough for almost 2 months now. It started out as a cold, and I kind of think she has a cold now- which has made it worse. But the end result is, is that there is STILL a cough. Anyway, we went to the doctor and he's thinking it's asthma. There aren't any good tests at her age to test for sure---the only one I know of is that gosh-awful blowing test---does anyone know of any others? We're supposed to give her Singulair and see if that helps. I hate putting kiddos on medications, but I also hate listening to this little girl coughing her guts out in the middle of the night, consequently waking herself up and crying. It's getting old. One friend suggests taking her to the acupuncturist and learning to do some pressure points so see if that helps. I might do that this summer since I like the idea of being able to control something through simpler ways.

So currently, she weighs 25.5 lbs, 30" long, and I don't remember her head size, but it's giant cause it has to fit all her brains. She is my little chunkster, and I wouldn't have it any other way! I'm definitely not a skinny baby kind of girl (no offense to those that may have one ;))

There's still only two teeth in that little mouth- although I suspect 2 more are going to come up on the bottom within the next month, as well as some toppers. I see some white, but last time I saw white, it took 2 months for them to break the surface.

She hasn't said any new words this month that I can think of off the top of my head. She's gotten REALLY good at signing more and mommy. She'll do water if you help remind her (moving her hands, then she'll do it on her own).

She can pull herself up if she isn't thinking about it too much - I swear this girl has performance anxiety or something. She can scoot...or as Michele says, drags, herself places..but once again, she won't do it if she thinks you are watching and insists on help.

She can travel around the table from left to right like a pro and has gained quite the speed. Just today, she figured out how to go right to left. This right to left thing kind of makes me sad. I was able to put her just out of reach of my cpu so that she'd have to walk around the whole table to get to it again. Then today, she walked the other way and got to the cpu in about 3 second rather than 30. Darn! She's already ripped off one key, and she find some random stuff to do on here. About 2-3 days ago he was able to get my screen to rotate 90 degrees and it took a good 5 minutes to figure out how to make it go back. Heeelarious!

I found your my pen!

She's showing you her very first car-- and Audi

Chillaxin with dad. It didn't last more than 1-2 minutes, but it was awesome anyway

This is where Elisabeth spend 98% of her day. She is VERY busy. ...have you ever read the book Olivia? I have a feeling this little E is going to be a LOT like that cute little piggy. (favorite exerpt: "After Olivia gets up and moves the cat, she brushes her teeth, combs her ears and moves the cat....." heeheehee)

I asked her to smile and this is what I got...seriously. LOL

Playing on her drums! And her bow? It's attached to her own hair! mmhmm!

Love you bellies!


Evie Wonder said...

Adorable! We are also Olivia-lovers!!

Evie Wonder said...

We're Olivia-lovers too! "Ian is always copying. Sometimes Olivia has to be firm."

Maddy said...

hehehehe I love that book!! I could totally see both our girls acting that way! :D