Monday, December 28, 2009


Last week when we went to the doctors for E's 6 month checkup, they had run out of flu/hiney shots for babies. I called up today and they recieved a new shipment, so we'll be heading in tomorrow for some leg stabbers for E. Maybe we'll actually be able to go to church this upcoming week!

Also, I want everyone to know, that come January (not a resolution maker, but a need to change some bad habits, and January happens to be the same month as some other things going on), anyway, I will not eat refined sugar of any kind. Please do your best to not offer it to me, and don't take offense if I turn it down. I need to do this for myself, and I don't have the will power to have *just a little*. So in my world, it's all or nothing, and since I just can't do sugar, it becomes a nothing in my world. :/ This is a good thing.

E decided that feeding herself was a great idea today!

This is a couple days ago, and the first time Drew has fed E!

You can see her bruise where she SMACKED her head into the table at breakfast a few days prior. LOL I think she wanted to watch her feet wiggle and the table was in the way.

She wanted to show you her boots. They only stayed on 5 minutes before falling off. I swear, baby shoes are a waste. lol (in the insane mess behind me, you can see my fancy new printer Santa brought us!) - thanks santa!


Tamara and Jonathan said...

You guys are ENTIRELY too cute. Hey, saw Leah today... she and JonJon came over for lunch on their way to the airport. You know her sister Laura got married on Saturday, right? We didn't go, but yeah... pretty cool!

Hugs and kisses to you all... and quit bein' such a darn stinking stranger! And way to go on the no sugar thing. More power to ya, woman. What are your thoughts on raw sugar or raw honey? I am reading a cool book you might really enjoy... it's called "In Defense of Food."


Michele said...

I wish sugar were my problem. Other things are worse here.

Will you teach me how to make your banner/title whatever it is called? I have tried and haven't been able to figure it out.

Oh yeah, In N Out doesn't use refined sugar in their shakes...the FAT comes from pure cream.

Rachael said...

I LOVE her little pink Asian-inspired dress, TOO CUTE! :)

Kelly Munns said...

does that mean you havent been to church for 6 months?! shoot, if i had a gnarly church time i might just pull that one too :)

Maddy said...

Tamara- not sure about the raw stuff- maybe later, but for now, nothing, I just have to get it out of my system.

shel, they have to use some kind of sweetener, there's no way they use real strawberries that are that sweet! and yeah, do you have a photo editing prog?

rach- thanks! I had forgotten about it and what was supposed to be a dress is now a shirt! hahaha

kelly- church time does suck- it's at 1230 which is RIGHT in the middle of her long, good nap of the day, so I'm not too heartbroken over it. And we went for the first few months, but at her 4 month checkup, the doctor freaked out about the h1n1 flu stuff and said that since she's at the babysitters all week, she needs some time to recoup her immune system on the weekend=no church.