Friday, December 11, 2009

Hooray for Days off!

I was semi- forced into taking a day off today. I'm not too sad to say that I was OK with it. Prepping for a sub wasn't nearly as time consuming as usual for some reason, and the kids were excited to have a male sub rather than a female.

So instead of the usual day of spelling tests, singing christmas songs, correcting spelling tests, eating with kids, I went and finished up one of my birthday presents! Drew had given me a couple pedicures to Indulge Day Spa. They have this cool thing where the pedi is ice cream sundae based (not real food, it just smells like it!). The foot soak I chose was peppermint, I got a caramel mud wrap, they do a fun sugar based scrub, and scented shea butter for the finish- I got chocolate flavor. And the best thing of all? You get to eat treats while you get your toes done! I chose a double chocolate fudge bar today- it was divine! I got red nail polish for Christmas with a cute little Rudolph on each toe! (I couldn't get the pic to come out in focus- so just take my word for it!)

We chatted about our kids, work, silly people, etc. I would definitely go there monthly if my budget allowed!

Afterward, I went and picked up Ms. Cakes and Drew to go eat Indian food for lunch. Can I just tell you how much I love that stuff? I do! (While I was enjoying myself, Drew had the unfortunate adventure of the after effect of me feeding Ellie prunes...the transition to rice cereal has been rough on her!)- it got EVERYWHERE! Poor guys- I'm sorry!!

So now E and I are home, I'm washing clothes, tidying up, and enjoying my day off. :D

She loves that thing- it has a picture of a baby duck on the other side, and she insisted I take it off her play gym so she could hold it wherever we go.

Drew promised her a pony for a hug! I think she realized she was getting away with something!

E wants to be a dentist when she grows up!

Another thing- I wanted to have some reason why I like Dallas, so on my drive back in today, this is what I thought up:

  1. the sign that says 47 miles to Lincoln City
  2. the random cranes in the middle of wheat fields, just chillin
  3. hawks hanging out ALL over the place
  4. the goaties that eat the side of their little house on the side of the road coming into Dallas
  5. the skyline on the highway, especially at sunset
  6. the skyline in the mornings from our patio, especially when there's some vibrant pink hues in the air
  7. a small, very personable school district
  8. my beautiful kitchen
  9. and last of all, the sign that says 47 miles to Lincoln City ;)


Rachael said...

I totally envy the 47 miles to Lincoln City thing.... and the 15 or so to Salem, and the, what, 60 to Portland!? Hehe. And your kitchen is awesome! :)

I love that little picture of E with the black background!

Michele said...

I need a better photo of the dress in the first photo.
I detect a touch of blonde fuzz on the head in the last photo. I think she might have more than Drew now.
I want a pedi. I have not had one in like 5 years!