Tuesday, December 22, 2009

6 Month Check-up

We went to the doctor today and had Elisabeth's 6 month check up. I am amazed that we don't go back for another 6 months! WoW! So here's the scoop:

  • She's 19lbs 10oz- 90th percentile
  • She's 26" tall - 50th percentile - *Really?! I thought this kid was growing like a weeeeed. She fits in 9+ month clothing, it can't all be the chubs?
  • She's 44cm around the head - 90th percentile. Seems as though all that grew this last 2 months was her noggin.

Funny story: E was happy as can be in the waiting room. We walk back to the examination room with the awesome nurse that always helps us and as soon as the door shuts, she starts SCREAMING at the top of her lungs. We measure her, weigh her, and come back to the room- still screaming!!! She finally calms down after the nurse leaves and I'm having to hold her and distract her with random sounds and letting her kick the brochure holder on the wall with her feet. So then Dr. Y comes in and she starts up wailing again. LOL She calmed down after a few minutes with him though.

Dr. Y says she's looking good. He couldn't give me super specifics since his cpu wouldn't sync up with the system. This seemed to tick him off a bit cause he didn't want to chat a whole lot. He told me she has extremely sensitive skin (duh), and is prone to rashes (also, duh), so to try to keep her as dry as possible (duh). I was given the official go ahead on giving her food, but was reminded that she'll probably be allergic to a lot, so to go slow at introducing things...bummer...

Anyway, she was quite a champ. They were out of H1N1 shots, so she only had her 3 normal shots today. Afterward, we visited daddy, went to WinCo, and Costco. She slept while at winco, and she got to sit like a big girl in the shopping cart at Costco! She was so excited about it she was talking to me almost the whole time!

Tomorrow is a big day for E as well, after breakfast with some friends, we're going to go get her pictures taken! I'm pretty excited about it!

Sorry for the lack of pictures- I've blogged too much and don't have any more recent ones! How shameful!!


Michele said...

When you are here next month, I have a friend that could do photos too if you are interested. Her blog is linked to at least my genealogy blog and probably my others too.
I can't believe she is only in the 50th percentile for length. Just think though, your siblings aren't allergic to much so at least that gene might have been thwarted and she can eat things. You can hope...
and where is the laying down photo with the feet on the railing?

Maddy said...

I meant that she puts her feet up on the railing of her crib. She's doing it in her 4 month, 5 month and 6 month pictures! :D