Saturday, December 26, 2009


Drew got me photoshop elements for Christmas. I wasn't expecting it since he told me he refused to get anything on my christmas list. Well, too bad for him, cause I'm a little addicted. I did a fun thing tweaking color today.

I also made my little header thing. There's some things I'd already change, but I have lots of other stuff to do too, so my time is cut short.

Hopefully in the near future I'll have a little more time to play with things and have a fun time. :)


Kelly Munns said...

cute! i love your header. i have had the same header for a year and a half...and my friend did it so i don't know how to change/update it! you'll have fun with photoshop. i think i'd be a little overwhelmed because there is so much you can do...i'd be afraid to miss anything. luckily for you though, i'm sure there are a ton of people willing to share their wisdom! merry christmas!

longtowait said...

I want photoshop. Bring the disks with you and i can steal it! hahaha. Hope to see you when you are in town!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE photoshop. I couldn't live without it!!! And there is always something more to learn with it!!!