Friday, December 10, 2010

My Little Squishy

I love getting pictures taken. They are so very stressful to me.  There weren't as many good ones as I would have liked.  Miss Cakes was more interested in hunting down the train to say, "CHOO CHOO" and sit in it, spin the wheel around and push backward.  Since she couldn't do that the whole time, she was a grump.  I bribed her with a candy cane which worked for about 5 minutes.  She ate the WHOLE THING and the insisted on the train again. Exhausting.

We then went to see Santa Clause.  She hated it. She screamed and protested.  She was literally crawling over me so she wouldn't have to sit with him.  I got a picture. :)

Afterward, we went to Drew's Christmas party.  It was fun. :)  I was supposed to go to a going away party for a friend, but the three of us were so exhausted that I just dropped my goodies off and we came home.

Maybe tomorrow won't be as crazy.

Miss Conductor Jones


Brammer Family said...

You totally got some cute pics!! She is gettin' so so so big!!

Michele said...

We noticed that the wheel is coming off on the train. What are you trying to do? Kill your child?

Ben's Mom said...

These are beautiful! The one in the sled is my favorite. What a big girl now!