Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Keys and the 'Glades

We went down to the Everglades National Park to check out some gators.  For those that can't remember (me), and those that aren't sure, alligators have the wide snout, whereas crocodiles have the long, narrow snouts.  I always thought it was the other way around.

We got to go on a little airboat tour of a swampland where a bunch of alligators live.  We also got to go to a demonstration of how to handle gators, and cool tricks people can do with them (don't try this at home things!). We got to hold a baby gator, but it's mouth was taped shut cause their bite would snip our fingers off.  We also got to see a feeding "demonstration." They fed the gators some rats and chickens, but these are more like snacks.  The guy was telling us they feed the gators 2 times a year and put a couple tons of meat at different locations in their enclosure, and this will last them for the year.  He was saying that an alligator can eat a duck and he can live on that for a YEAR....amazing.  They're also very creepy looking since they stay so still..especially when their mouths are open.

Once we were done there, we went over to Biscayne National Park since it was only 30 mins away.  Most of the park is underwater :)

THEN since we were down in Southern Florida anyway, we drove down to Key Largo and were just in time for the sunset.  It was beautiful.  I would love to spend some more time down there some day.

(I'm having technical difficulties, I'll get pictures up files were filled to the brim, so I'm having to delete before I can add more....bummer)

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