Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Elisabeth loves Santa.  ...or at least the concept OF Santa.  She loves pictures of him, she loves chocolates with his face on the front, she loves old men that have long, white beards.  She loves to say HO, HO, HO whenever any of these things show up.  She does not however, enjoy sitting in Santa's lap.  I think I mentioned that in a post prior.

Anyway, back to Santa.  I'm still unsure of whether or not to emphasize Santa in our home.  I felt really disappointed when I found out he wasn't real, but strangely enough, I was more disappointed to find out the tooth fairy was just my mom.  That's where I felt really ripped off.  So when it comes to that, we've decided that instead of exchanging gifts, we would go on a trip instead (money allowing).  I absolutely adore this idea.  So family members of mine, if you ever want to go with us, let me know!--cause chances are, we won't be coming to you as that trip. ;)

We've had a really great Christmas break.  I can't believe how needed it was.  I'm not entirely excited to go back to work on Tuesday, but the memories of difficult children have softened just a least enough to hold strong until Spring Break! hahaha

Back to gift giving - we still had some wonderful gifts from grandma's and grandpa's for all of us to open.  It was fun to watch Elisabeth's reactions to everything.  It was all very exciting for her :)

This is a guitar she got from her babysitter- it is perfect!!
Oooooohh!!! sticks that you bend and they light up!
She was so excited to see what was in each box!
Daddy, let me show you how to do it.

Bye Daddy! (well, really, she calls him Papa)- I'm going away with my car and wand!


Showing everyone her really good coloring skills on her new coloring table

I had to just put this in.  hehehe I am attempting buttebeer recipes.  This one was OK.  I think something is funny tasting with our cream soda...I'll keep you updated. :)

It's still cool :)

I don't know if you can tell well, but she is soaked. We played in puddles

Beautiful flowers from Nana Clark for Christmas
The poor girl is teething like mad.  We found gloves helped. :)
Look! I fit in my toy car box!

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Michele said...

I don't remember ever believing in Santa, The Tooth Fairy or anyone else. Maybe a little in the Easter Bunny when I was 3 but that's it. Sad huh.
Santa Shel and Santa Rick's present was mailed this Tuesday. =)