Thursday, February 18, 2010


I didn't realize how late it was. I went on a rampage, and now I'm back. I was going to make some sugar free nonfat strawberry yogurt too, but totally got sidetracked. Anyway, some lovely pictures of my princess!

Ellie didn't sleep, eat or drink anything at the sitters today. So then I proceeded to take her to work and she flipped at all the attention. I think the hunger and tiredness got to her. Thankfully one of the teachers rescued her and gave her a graham cracker to munch on so she could play with one of her friends for a little while.

I think I just need to remember to bring her in more often rather than playing on the internet. hahaha

Check out those little piggies! I painted them while she watched Family Feud!!

This is for appearances only. If you have a bottle and a baby, chances are, her arms go limp and she is incapable of lifting so much as her head. hahahaha Love those bottles though. Dr. Brown is the only way to go



Michele said...

These are all great photos! I had no idea family feud was still on tv. I am glad E likes to watch tv hahaha Way to raise her on real stuff and none of that Baby Einstein stuff

Maddy said...

hahaha she loves the Feud! it has Elaine's old boss from Seinfeld on it!