Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pumpkin Juice

Somehow I nickname everything and everyone. Ellie's current nickname changes between cakes and pumpkin juice. At any rate, she's pretty awesome and I love her!

I've been asked to put together a week long celebration next week for our classified staff (non-teachers that work at the school)- this would have been awesome if it wasn't NEXT WEEK. I have taken every spare minute (except this one for my sanity) to work on it. Here's hoping it goes OK next week. If it doesn't, oh well, it's my birthday and I'll eat cake and go chillax on the coast anyway! so there!

Done with miniature soapbox, now onto the pictures!

Watchin mama brush her teeth before school!


Bath time=the BEST time!

My little 8 month older next to her Blaire!

Playing and banging around


Brammer Family said...

Oh my squishy chubs!! I can't believe she's 8 months!

longtowait said...

Well shit, what is my nickname?? Your lil one is so cute!!

Allison said...

Love that tutu!!

Michele said...

I like that she is helping Blair smile. I am SO glad you bought that tutu.
When do you leave for the coast?

Michele said...

By the way, What is my nickname?
Who dressed E in the first photo? Did she dress herself or did you do it in the dark?

Maddy said...

April, you're always aaaapprillll. hahaha with the emphasis on the wrong syllables!

Shel, you're shel, DUH! and btw, her outfit DID match, she just had on her coat and hat for the ride! She had purple polka dots on her shirt to match her legs and a cutie skirt!