Monday, February 15, 2010

For Micheleioni

Since *some* people need something to read, and I'm doing a virus scan, so my processor is unhappy with me using photoshop+browsing through mass amounts of scrapbook software+browsing through pictures, here is something to be read!

I don't have any new pictures cause the wee one is sleeping (as she should be!)

But this morning we did some good stuff. I got up- got to sleep in an extra hour!!- Drew dropped cakes off at the babysitter and we went to the gym. I played on some new equipment that I haven't been on before, and now my bum is sore, sore, sore. The guy there didn't know anything about the new promotion and deferred my questions to "I don't knows"...very helpful. I figure I'll call tonight when the owners are hopefully in, and I can ask them if I can get my gym membership renewed at the sweet lower monthly price than what I'm paying right now. If I can, I'll keep my membership. If I can't, then I'm going to say see ya nevers!

After the gym, and showering, we went into Salem for some breakfast at the Sassy Onion.

This is pretty much the best place for breakfast in the world. I have never eaten anywhere finer. We were going to try Word of Mouth Cafe, but they're closed on Mondays, so we went to our never failing default. :) I got some delicious french toast+bacon+eggs. Drew got a greek omelet- it has spinach, feta cheese, onions, those yummy purplish olives and tomatoes inside. That thing was delicious!!

Afterward, we went and walked around the mall- cause that's what you do when you don't have a kids with you I guess. Drew picked up a new video game. We came back into Dallas and decided to go check out the Dallas Market. We thought that we'd go there and check it out rather than going to Safeway.

Bit mistake. That place was nasty. The outside is all oldtimey and quaint, but the inside is nasty. We had taken a little basket with us to pick up a couple things, but ended up not getting anything. As we were putting the basket away as we were leaving this lady looks at us and goes, "what?! We didn't have what you wanted?" Drew and I both graciously say, "No, thank you though." ...but really, what we're really thinking is PLEASE DON'T ASK US WHAT YOU DIDNT HAVE!!! ...cause it was dirty, run down, they were charging ridiculous amounts of money for everything (worse than safeway) and it smelled funny. I won't ever go in there again. I'm honestly amazed it's still open to tell you the truth!

After that, we went and picked up sweet Elliecakes....went to safeway to pick up our fruit and veggies for the week and headed home.

So now we're home, Drew's playing games, Ellie is sleeping, and I'm playing on my computer minimally since the scan is still going. I'm pooped, my butt hurts, and life is good today. :)

Have I showed you this one? I loves it! hehehe


Michele said...

I love the first photo hahaha
That store reminds me of the stores in Tooele. I will be shopping in Salt Lake County unless I am desperate and have to go to Wally world. I will make sure I have my cam if I go there...hahaha as if it wasn't always in my purse...because I am SURE to find some good ones for people of walmart.
Is she baking brownies?
I likes the new background

Maddy said...

it's a eatery though- and everything looks like that up here- I think it's all the rain just does a number on the outsides.

hehehe people of walmart...oh boy... lol

and misscakes never bakes brownies, she fails in that department. She was yelling at for putting baby in a corner. LOL

and thanks! I can't quite figure out the exact dimensions, but I'm getting better at it!

Michele said...

Yeah it looks like a dive hahaha
That first photo... EEEKKK LOL

Monica said...

Michele, I have a friend from HS who lives in Tooele...she is always complaining about how white trash the Walmart in Tooele is...LOL...