Saturday, April 25, 2009


I took my laptop apart last night- which was fun to see since I have never taken a laptop apart before. Bad thing is, is that there weren't any 'Ah-HA' moments of - this is why it isn't working! I have always been able to figure out why a desktop computer isn't working, so for this to happen was very discouraging. Drew and I tried several different possibilities for trying to get the laptop to work to no avail. I am at a loss. I have a slight idea that it might be the cable that runs from the ac adapter to the mother board and it may have a short in it, but nothing smells burnt, nothing looks burnt. I can't imagine my motherboard really being fried?

So here I am, pouting beyond extreme because my baby is dead. I hate using Drew's laptop. It's not the same, my iTunes isn't on it, my games aren't on it, my bookmarks and passwords aren't on it. This whole last 2 weeks has definitely made me appreciate and try hard to remember my passwords everywhere.

So now I feel stuck. Do I find some place around town that will help me diagnose my computer, or do I keep the harddrive and sell the rest for parts? I am an emotional wreck already, and for this to happen has made everything escalate. I don't even feel like taking pictures cause it makes me so angry.

I guess at least I'm prepared for when the doctor scolds me again on Monday for gaining too much weight. I can blow up at him if he really pisses me off- I feel it's warranted.

Positives this week? I didn't cry at work! Sweet little girl has figured out that ribs are a great way to rest the feet. At least she's moving lots, right?

.....yeah, that's about it...

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Rachael said...

Oh, dear! :( I bet Best Buy could fix it up for ya... if you are willing to drive, I could have Aaron take a look at it (for free of course) and tell you what needs fixin'!

A mobile sweet baby girl is definitely better than a still one!!! :) It's a good sign!